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Update On Story Time

What a freakin' roller-coaster these past two weeks have been....oy! I had just written a blog on Nala, our little doggo and released it on December 2 2021...What an array of emotions we have felt during these past two weeks...

For those that don't know, Nala is a rescue doggo from Texas and we have had the pleasure of having her be a part of our family since 2021.

I decided to be witty and deem Nala with the title, "The Dalai Nala" and I used images of her with positive living quotes, and used them in my Health Coaching business...That Nala, she is one wise dog! 😁 We even wrote two books.

I have since let go of Health Coaching on The Dalai Nala website, and have kinda merged some of those lessons into my witchy business's why I offer mindfulness practices and other types of "health" related stuff on this page; like some of the challenges and digitals files I offer on the shop, you will notice are geared towards mental and physical health.

If you have been following her story and read "Story Time" the video below is an update to that blog.

Please excuse my disheveled appearance, we've had a rough two weeks.

I also want to add, we are so grateful for all the messages, texts and emails we've received about Nala. Thanks for being a part of our journey.

Blessed Be.

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