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Earth Spirit Coven Membership

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Once you choose a level & sign up for membership, you will be able to find private Coven content under the blog, video and forum areas. The content will be created and assigned to the corresponding levels. Welcome to Earth Spirit Coven! Blessed be.

Learning Witchcraft, A Spiritual Journey, & Private Community.

Join Earth Spirit Coven and feel welcomed and supported in a safe environment.

Have you ever wished to join a coven or, at the very least, a safe spiritual community?

A forum for you to express your beliefs and experiences.


A place where you can be recognized, heard and honored.

A place for growth and learning.

These are the primary reasons I founded Earth Spirit Coven. To provide a safe and educational environment for all.

Earth Spirit Coven is full of wonderful, kind-hearted people who are drawn to witchcraft and spiritual practices. We come from all walks of life, but we all have the same goals: to heal, grow, and learn more. Being a part of something greater than ourselves.

Humans are yearning for community now more than ever. We yearn for connections with people who understand and share our beliefs. To say the least, the last few years have been difficult - there has been a lot of isolation and division. On social media, we frequently feel judged, misunderstood, and even attacked for our beliefs.


Covens are difficult to locate, and even when you do, you must exercise caution. There are a plethora of dangerous covens out there. Do your homework!


This coven is a sanctuary for people like you. You'll never feel alone or isolated again. You should never be afraid to ask questions. YOU will be an integral part of our community.

We have coven memberships ranging from $3 per month to $20 per month.

What You Get When You Become A Coven Member:

  • Connection & Community – YOU are part of an exclusive member of Earth Spirit Coven.

  • Weekly Lessons – depending on your chosen membership level is how many you will receive per month.

  • Sneak Peeks.

  • Support from the Coven Leader and its Members.

  • A Safe, private Coven community Forum area on the website. It’s strictly for COVEN members ONLY. This section of the forum is NOT open to the public.

  • Access to ALL Coven events – no matter what level membership you have chosen.

  • Access to Coven Oath & Rituals.

  • Access to use and activate Coven Sigil.

  • Voting Power on Coven changes.

  • Access to Coven Gatherings -- at this point this is only offered via Zoom/Google Meet.

  • Private Coven Group - open to ALL levels of Membership

Join Earth Spirit Coven today!  

Laurie - Coven Leader
A learning community for witchcraft, and other spiritual paths.

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