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IMPORTANT CHANGES: PLEASE READ -> Hello Coven Members of Earth Spirit Coven!

We are going through a business growth and restructure. The Eclectic Green Witchery now has a physical location in Milford, NH!  188 Elm Street Milford, NH 03055. If you live close - please visit me! 

We are still the same company, but are rebranding to reflect the new physical location - same entity!!! We just have a new name, new logo and new look.😁

If you are part of Earth Spirit Coven already, you will need to cancel your membership on this website and move over to the new one.

This website WILL eventually be shut down -- I aiming for the new year to start posting over on the new website.

This website is paid until you all have time to download any content you may want to keep that I've given over the years.

There is a private forum already setup  for each membership level...and all content will be posted over there according to membership levels starting sometime in January 2024.

Once you have chosen a level & sign up for a Coven membership, you will be able to find private Coven content under the blog, video, and forum areas. The content will be created and assigned to the corresponding levels. Welcome to Earth Spirit Coven! Blessed be. 


Please note - if you've chosen a Coven Membership:  A Coven should be a serious decision and not just done on a whim. Not a decision to be taken lightly. It's a commitment not only to yourself but to the other members of the Coven & the practice.

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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