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List of Poisonous or Dangerous Stones

Here is the list of the poisons found in the stones with a brief description of why it is dangerous:

asbestos – inhaling fibers can cause mesothelioma and lung cancers

arsenic – a poison that affects the heart and lungs

aluminum – affects the brain and is linked to Alzheimer's

barium – chemical element that affects nervous system, immune system, eyes and heart; radioactive

copper – overexposure affects liver, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular systems

lead – heavy metal poison affects heart, bones, gastrointestinal and reproductive systems

magnetic – may interfere with pacemakers

mercury – heavy metal poison that affects the blood, brain, kidneys and lungs; birth defects

strontium – chemical element that can hold radiation

sulphur – a chemical element, overexposure can harm eyes, lungs or other tissues

vanadium – chemical element that is extremely toxic to lungs, corrosive

zinc – a chemical element, overexposure is corrosive and poisonous

Here is the alphabetical list of the crystals, rocks, and gemstones with a brief description of why it is dangerous: These should NEVER be used in elixirs or baths

Actinolite - May contain asbestos.

Adamite - Contains arsenic and some copper

Ajoite - Contains aluminum and copper

Alexandrite - Contains aluminum

Amazonite – Contains copper

Atacamite - Contains copper

Aquamarine - Contains aluminum

Auricalcite - Contains zinc and copper

Azurite - Contains copper

Beryl - Contains aluminum





Black Tourmaline - Contains aluminum

Boji-stones (aka Concretin, Moqui Balls, Shaman Stone) - Contains sulphur, pyrite and/or marcasite

Bronchantite - Contains copper

Cavansite - Contains copper

Celestite - Contains strontium

Chalcantite - Contains copper

Chalcopyrite (peacock stone) - Contains copper and sulphur

Chrysocolla - Contains copper

Cinnabar - Contains mercury. Handle with gloves as mercury can cross the skin into the body

Conicalcite - Contains copper

Copper = Poisonous

Covellite - Contains copper and sulphur

Cuprite - Contains copper

Dioptase - Contains copper

Dumortierite - Contains aluminum

Emerald - Contains aluminum

Fluorite - Contains fluorine

Garnet (Spessartine, Almandine, Uvarovite, Rhodolite,Hessonite) - Contains aluminum

Gem Silica - Contains copper

Galena – Contains lead

Garnierite (aka Falcondoite) - Contains nickel

Hematite - Will rust, magnetic may interfere with pacemakers

Iolite - Contains aluminum

Kunzite - Contains aluminum

Labradorite - Contains aluminum

Lapis Lazuli - Contains pyrite

Lepidolite - Contains aluminum

Magnetite - Will rust, magnetic so do not use if pacemaker

Malachite - Contains copper

Markasite - Contains sulphur

Mohawkite - Contains copper and Arsenic

Moldavite - Contains aluminum oxide

Moonstone - Contains aluminum

Morganite - Contains aluminum

Orpiment – Contains arsenic, poisonous

Pietersite - Fibrous form contains asbestos

Prehnite - Contains aluminum

Psiomelan - Contains barium

Pyrite - Contains sulphur

Realgar - Contains sulphur and arsenic

Ruby - Contains aluminum

Sapphire - Contains aluminum

Selenite - Although not toxic, friable; tiny shards may break off in water

Serpentine - Fibrous form contains asbestos

Shungite – Magnetic, can interfere with pacemakers

Smithsonite - May contain copper

Sodalite - Contains aluminum

Spinel - Contains aluminum

Spodumene (aka Kunzite) - Contains aluminum

Staurolite - Contains aluminum

Stibnite - Contains lead and antimony

Stilbite - Contains aluminum

Sugilite - Contains aluminum

Sulfur = Poisonous as an acid

Sunstone - Contains aluminum

Tanzanite–Gem variety of Zoisite. - Contains aluminum

Tiger Eye - Fibrous form contains asbestos

Topaz - Contains aluminum

Torbenite = Radioactive

Tourmaline - Contains aluminum

Tremolite - May contain asbestos

Turquoise - Contains copper and aluminum

Vanadinite - Contains vanadium

Variscite - Contains aluminum

Vesuvianite - Contains aluminum

Wavellite - Contains aluminum

Wulfenite - Contains lead and molybdenum

Zircon - Contains zirconium, radioactive

Zoisite - Contains aluminum

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Wow I did not realize some of these stones were poisonous. Thank you for the list.

Laurie 'Silver-Bear'
Laurie 'Silver-Bear'
Sep 19, 2022
Replying to

You are welcome!


Great job! I don't think you've missed any. That would be my list as well. 😉

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