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How Do You Deal With Pain?

How do you deal with pain?

I love this...and it made me think of my grandma...oh how I miss her. She was such a spark of light in any room...

Memere & Laurie
Memere & Laurie

"Grandma, how do you deal with pain?"

With your hands, sweetheart. If you do it with your mind, instead of relieving the pain, the pain hardens.

With our hands, grandmother?

Yes, our hands are the antennae of our soul.

If you move them by weaving, cooking, painting, playing, or by sinking them into the earth, you send signals of caring to the deepest part of you. And your soul lights up because you are paying attention to it.

Then the pain signals will no longer be necessary.

Are the hands really that important?

Yes, my daughter, think of babies, they begin to know the world thanks to the touch of their little hands.

If you look at the hands of old people, they tell you more about their life than any other part of the body.

Everything that is made by hand is said to be made by the heart and soul. Because it is really like that, the hands and the heart and soul are connected.

Think of lovers, when they touch hands, they make love in a sublime way.

My hands, grandmother ... it has been so long since I've used them like this!

Move them my love, start creating with them and everything within you will move.

The pain will not pass.

Instead, whatever you create with them will become the most beautiful masterpiece.

And it won't hurt anymore.

Because you will have been able to transform its essence."

— Elena Bernabe

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