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Yesterday I Lost My Best Friend

Trigger Warning - Pet Loss

The Dalai Nala

Yesterday was difficult because we had to say farewell to one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened to our family.

Words cannot express how much love Nala gave to everyone she met. 🤎

Her light was so strong that it blinded us.

When I began my career in Health Coaching, I founded the brand, The Dalai Nala, in the hopes that her 'words of wisdom' would benefit those suffering from mental and physical conditions – also, her cute little face always cheered up my day, so I wanted to share her with the world.

She was, to say the least, a blessing, and she was there for me many times throughout my own mental health struggles. So many days I cried into her fur and she didn't care that I was a hot mess. She loved me just the same.

She grounded me, loved me unconditionally and gave me important life lessons that I will carry on in her honor.

There is now a void in our world...and we are taking time to adjust to life without Nala.

By witnessing Nala navigate through life, she continually helped me realize these deep moments in life, and in the wise words of Nala, "How lucky were we, to have such a gift in this life, that makes saying goodbye so painful and difficult."

We love you Nala. You have left some pretty big pawprints on the hearts of everyone you nuzzled.

With that being said...I want to thank some important players in her life...

Thank you to the person that threw her away all those years ago - you gave us the most precious and wonderful gift of all -- unconditional love from the sweetest soul to have ever existed.

Thank you Operation Pets Alive for rescuing her and flying her to NH so we could love her.

Thank you Lynne Collins Weindel for NOT being a foster failure so we could have Nala in our life.

Thank you Animal Rescue League of NH for adopting out Nala to us 11 years ago.

Thank you Robert McCann Dowd for our Dalai Nala logo.

Thank you Carmen Hazelton for capturing Nala in her Rainbow Bridge photoshoot session.

Our hearts are broken, but we were so lucky to have Nala's love.

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I’m sending so much love to you and your family. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Amber Maddox
Amber Maddox
Jul 25, 2023

I am so terribly sorry for your loss.  This is the sweetest writing, just reading through this. Bless you and your family and Dalai Nala in spirit! 💐

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