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What the AF?

What the AF?

Yesterday I witnessed something that really opened my eyes and it will allow me to be even more mindful in the future.

In another spiritual group someone posted this question anonymously.

"What does it mean when I’m outside and it gets windy?"

At first, when I read it, I thought -- can this be serious??? And I am going to be honest and say, I DID think it was a stupid question. 😁

BUT then a miracle happened, my mindfulness practice kicked in - and that in and of itself was amazing to me! 🤣 So, yay for mindfulness practice!!

MY MINDFULNESS kicked in!!! Woot! Can you tell I am excited about this?! 😁

Any who...with my mindful thinking, I though, "well, maybe they really want to know!" So, I took the time to answer the question with kindness and with an actual answer -- even though it MAY not have been what this 'person' wanted to hear. I was kind and truthful.

Of course, way over half of this thread were grown ass humans mocking this person. Now mind you, there were a few people "in on the joke" and their comments were dripping with sarcasm. Finding it hysterical and just perpetuating the situation.

Now, I am no stick in the mud, I am literally known as the Queen of Sarcasm in my house, but, I really didn't find one ounce of humor in this post at fact it made me sad.

There were some people who were not in on the joke answering with sarcasm, and not so helpful comments. This post just went on and on and on -- over 200 comments.

I think there were a handful of us that answered with real answers.

Over the course of the day - it came out that it was INDEED a person just joking around and who openly admitted they were mocking people who ask that type of question.😑

Read that again....

OPENLY ADMITTED they were mocking people who ask this type of question.

What the AF? I got upset, again, my mindfulness kicked in.

This is a person in a spiritual group. Maybe they should pick up a book and read about what it means to walk this path...because it certainly doesn't mean mocking your fellow humans.😥

We should be teaching the younger people and 'passing the torch' to them. Encouraging them to walk this path. Or at the very least, point them in the right direction if we don't have the time to teach them.

And we wonder why they have turned to "witchtok"???? Sigh -- ANY WHO...

If we are claiming to walk this path, we should be helping the novices, not openly mocking them!

To think, someone took the the time to make a post, to purposely make the novice people feel stupid. To mock them. To make them even more afraid to ask the questions that need to be asked. And then on top of that, the admins let is fly.... 😥

That post made me sad and angry. I witnessed SO many people claiming to be spiritual, jump on the bandwagon and tear this person down. Albeit, this person was not serious at all in the asking of this question....but WHAT IF that WAS a "real" person really seeking guidance? What if they woke up today excited to see answers only to be met with that garbage?

What if that person was on their LAST hope to find something to connect with -- and those comments broke that last bit of hope?

Again, I DID think it was an 'off' question...and I am NOT claiming to be perfect when it comes to dealing with people, but everyday I try to be better. Every day I try to be understanding and offer kindness. I do not go out of my way to break someone on purpose!

As a witch community, we need to be better and do better. We need to be more mindful. We need to stop being so cruel to each other.

We want to change the world and make it a better place -- it needs to start now, with us.

If you've stayed and read this I thank you.

Until next time, Live, Love and Magcick!

Live Love and Magick

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