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Magickal Scrub Time!

How about a little self care today?

Many of us have so many responsibilities in life that we forget to take care of our personal needs. Some of us even feel guilt when we even THINK about taking a bit of time for ourselves. DO NOT feel guilty. Self care is not a selfish act, it's necessary if we want good mental health and wellbeing.

Engaging in a self-care routine has been clinically proven to reduce or eliminate anxiety and depression, reduce stress, improve concentration, minimize frustration and anger, increase happiness, improve energy, and more!!!

The single most common reason people give for not participating in self-care is due to a lack of time.

While many of us have a lot going on, it’s imperative that we take time out every day for ourselves, even if you only have 5-minute increments spread throughout the day to engage in self-care, that is certainly better than nothing!

Remember that self-care is all about you, so what works for one may not work for another. Find forms of self-care that work for you.

There are many different ways that you can focus on self-care. Some examples are; making time to get enough sleep, prioritizing healthy meals, ensuring a healthy balance of leisure time in your schedule, and making time for friends and family.

A simple but often overlooked form of self-care is having a self-pampering experience on a regular basis in your own home. Taking a few hours for a ​spa experience is an effective way to manage stress.

This is where my this Magickal Scrub comes in handy!

Until next time... Live, Love and Magick!

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