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4 Part Contemplation Guide

4 Part Contemplation Guide

I am writing a 4 part contemplation guide in what I believe needs to happen at this time on earth.

The 4 parts will be distributed daily for the next 4 days. I just want my friends and family to contemplate on these items.

I am not saying you should believe these contemplations just give them some thought. Thanks in advance.

I would like all my friends and families to understand a few items about my belief system. I am not trying to change your thoughts or your minds only you can do that but I think it’s important to understand a different way of thinking. Your belief system is not wrong and I’m not right, it’s just another way to look at the world/universe.

Day 1: 5 Senses

Become aware/conscious of all that is presented to you during your life. Be conscious of your five senses: seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting. In other words, don’t judge the senses just experience them. Try not to add any emotion as you experience these senses in the present moment. If you add emotions to your thoughts, the chatter in your head will begin, and then the stories that will follow. Just be aware of the chatter and don’t react to it. Take deep breaths and just experience these wonderful senses that the divine bestowed upon you.

Follow these simple rules for awaking your consciousness:

a. Seeing not the seer

b. Hearing not the hearer

c. Touching not the toucher

d. Smelling not the smeller

e. Tasting not the taster

Day 2: Lack of Forgiveness

An important part in consciousness is the ability to forgive those who have hurt you. It is easier said than done. But to be truly enlightened in this universe is to forgive. A big part of forgiving others is to start by forgiving yourself. There are times that most of us have said bad things about people. Do not punish yourself with mind chatter against yourself. Just be aware of those things and forgive yourself. You cannot change what has happened in the past nor can you change the future, you can be aware of the present and forgive from your heart. Pray for yourself and others for forgiveness. This will begin your process of awakening and enlightenment.

Day 3: Lack of Acceptance

Another item in this list of awakening is to accept what you are and be loving to yourself. Too often we let vanity get in the way. Our mind and thoughts begin the chatter. “I’m not good enough”. “I’m too old and clumsy” “He or she doesn’t love me”. All these self doubting thoughts and stories in your head just keep swirling around. Look deep in your heart and know you are a beautiful being, placed on earth at this time to experience all that there is. Embrace these experiences and not add any emotion to your chatter, just know that being conscious leads to being awaken and that leads to enlightenment and happiness and joy.

Day 4: Lack of Connectedness

I’m reminded by the movie “Avatar” where everything is connected to everything else. The plants, the animals, the beings, and the ground etc. We are all connected in some way on this planet earth. The harm we do to the vessel we live on, will fight back to survive. I am not predicting anything, I’m just giving my opinion and how I feel in my heart. Collectively we really trash our environments, water, air and seas. We are very much inside ourselves and not realizing the destruction we are doing for future generations. We need to help our children and our children’s children and many more generations to come to live in harmony and live in a peaceful state. So, we can become one with all the precious living beings, forest, mammals, sea life, water, birds and air on earth. If we become enlightened, we will naturally live in harmony with all there is here on earth and in the universe. We can all live in love, peace and joy. There will be emotional times, & sad times but to experience these is the reason we were born at this time on the planet.

Thank you,

Love to all Peace to all,

- Gerard


Gerard Desilets - Served in the U.S. Air Force, and is a loving & devoted husband, brother, father, grandfather & great-grandfather. Gerard enjoys retired life in Florida with his wife, two dogs and cat. He volunteers for many great causes. Gerard's journey in this life is towards enlightenment and he walks the path of living one moment at a time. He delivers his teachings to others in hopes that they may be able to discover something they resonate with, which will bring them closer to embracing their higher self as well.

Gerard dedicated over a month of volunteer time to the Alzheimer's walk fundraiser

Gerard and his Eldest daughter, Laurie
Gerard and his Eldest daughter, Laurie

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