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What Will You Weave Today?

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

As I was sipping my coffee and reading my Facebook news feed this morning...I was flabbergasted at all the name calling, disagreements, and exchanges of hateful words between so called 'friends' in regards to politics, covid, BLM, and all the other world issues that are going on today.

I'm not going to lie, I get caught up in the arguments at times too. Ugh...(I am, but a work in progress!)

In that moment though, as I was scrolling through comments, I could actually feel myself getting angry and anxious. Not a great way to begin the day! I do not recommend!

So, I decided to go outside and clear my head. Sitting on my back steps, I gazed out into the yard, and decided to begin some meditation and grounding work. As I was settling in, that is when I noticed this beautiful spider web. The light reflecting off it caught my eye as it glistened in the early morning light. It was covered in dew and looked so magickal. It seems so delicate, but yet, we know the structure of it is very strong. As I was admiring the intricate details of it, I received a powerful message that I could not refute.

spider web
'Don't get caught up in a web of negativity...walk away and weave something beautiful.'

In that moment I decided to change my energy and make it happy, positive, and beautiful. I started to shed that craptastic feeling that had overcome me and I felt myself beginning to shift in a more positive light.

In today's world with everything that is going on, we can easily be caught & tightly wound into that "web of negativity".

Don't become 'cocooned' in that spiral of negativism. Walk away and create a great day. Create a great day not only for yourself, but maybe you could aid someone else in raising their vibrational energy as well. Imagine, the world we could have if we all changed our energy to vibe the good stuff?

Now, of course, I know we are human, and we can't always be skipping and tossing rainbows and glitter everywhere. We are allowed to have a moment, but we are not allowed to set up camp and stay there. We can have our moment but then we must move on. Shift to that higher energy. Our higher self.

As witches we need to be the example, and set those examples. "Witches do not need to fix problems. Witches fix the energy around problems. Then the problems fix themselves." - Dacha Avelin

Use your magick and create a strong vibe within you, so that people will rise up to meet you instead of sucking you in! Make your vibrational energy a force to be reckoned with! We all have the power within us to just walk away.

Will you choose to be caught in the web or will you weave something beautiful today?

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Deborah, I am 64. I am a new widow and retired. I'd like to get to know you. My Facebook page is under Wendy Kleeb. If you have an account, tell me what name it is under. Laurie is a friend, and I only accept friends of friends. I refuse to treat anyone with disrespect, even if I disagree.


Sep 21, 2020

This is just what I needed to hear . I am experiencing some high anxiety and am going crazy . I just turned 60 , I am affraid if getting old . I had Covid so my mortality is another concern.. I am working at home and I feel so damn isolated.. I can't go out and sit because of bad neighbor.. I can't continue to live like this .. I am new to magic.. I have chosen this path and it feels like my emotional health has declined because my new way of life has put my mess in my face for me to deal with . The crystals have charged old ugly energy that I need to clear if…


Jessi Kluck
Jessi Kluck
Sep 01, 2020

I literally cannot LOVE this enough, I mean...👏👏👏!! Brilliant. As I am sitting outside getting ready to walk into work, where its been a little 'cocooned', I was taking deep grounding and centering breaths and this notification came through. Your timing is impeccable. Thank you!

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