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What’s Florida Water?


Florida water is a traditional American cologne water recipe adopted by southern practitioners of the hoodoo and voodoo tradition to cleanse the home and use in rituals. Originally named as the American version of Eau de Cologne in the 1800’s.

Its strong magical properties have made it an essential in Hoodoo, Voodoo, Santeria, Wicca, and Witchcraft practices.

Florida water can be used for cleansing (its effect is very similar to smudging)

Use it to clean your altar space.

As a spell component.

Just opening a bottle and leaving it in a room is said to purify the air of bad spirits and energies.

You can put it in a spray bottle as a spiritual “disinfectant,” anoint doors and windows with it.

Pour it into a bowl and place it on the altar as an offering, as a thank you gift to the Spirit(s)s/God(s) you are working with.

Use it in your bath by adding a few drops in the water to cleanse your aura and rejuvenate the senses.

Cleanse your magical items and crystals with a cloth and Florida Water.

Put some Florida Water in your palms and clap them together and rub to raise vibrations and to give you a quick energy boost.

Use it to dress candles for magical spells that include protection, communication with spirits, cleanings, breaking hexes and curses, removing malicious magic.

Florida water can quickly rebalance your vibration and is the perfect “chill out” after a long, stressful day. Grab that spray bottle and spray away! (Just be sure not to get it in your eyes.)

There are dozens of recipes for Florida water online, I have found a few great ones and you can customize this recipe according to what you have on hand.

Despite the name, it is not a water-based potion. Most people use vodka to steep the herbs and flowers. All you need is the cheap stuff. Bottom shelf cheap! You can use top-shelf vodka to make this, and it’s just a waste of money, as it really doesn’t make much difference in the final result.

16 ounces Vodka or 2 cups.

Choose at least two items from each group: While selecting the materials to use, allow your intentions to guide you.

Aromatic greens:

4 parts fresh mint

4 parts fresh basil

4 parts fresh rosemary


3 parts rose petals (fresh)

3 parts jasmine (dried or fresh)

3 parts lavender (dried)


2 parts lemon peel

2 parts orange peel

2 parts lime peel


1-part allspice berries

1-part cinnamon sticks

1-part cloves

Put the vodka on low heat. Add the dry ingredients and allow them to simmer for 5-10 minutes. Add the remaining ingredients. Simmer on low for an addition 40 minutes.

I am also going to add a no cook recipe. This recipe is just a guide… Smell each oil before adding it to your glass container. Let your spirit enlighten you if you should add more or less than what’s suggested

You’ll need:

16 oz of vodka

3-5 tablespoons of rosewater

8 drops of lavender essential oil

10 drops of lemon essential oil

10 drops of orange essential oil

5 drops of bergamot essential oil

5 drops of cinnamon essential oil

5 drops of clove essential oil

Fresh rose petals & fresh rosemary (optional)

If you wish to add stones, you can use any of these:


Smoky Quartz

Rose Quartz


Black Obsidian

I am also going to add a Florida Water Diffuser Blend! (Do not add vodka to your diffuser) This is said to help aid in headaches. Let the purifying scent of Florida Water fill your home with this sweet, warm, and uplifting diffuser blend.

1 drop bergamot

4 drops orange

3 drop lemon

2 drop cinnamon

1 drop lavender

1 drop rosemary

This recipe is the more “traditional” one.

Items Required:

1/2 cup dried sweetgrass

1/2 cup dried lavender

1/2 cup dried sage

1/2 cup dried cedar

6 cups of Vodka


Gather your herbs, give thanks to them for their use.

Add the vodka to it and store in a glass jar at room temperature.

Keep the content for 14 days. You can place it outside to infuse with either a full or new moon.

Use a paper towel or cheesecloth to strain out the liquid from the herbs into a clean, preferably glass container. Cover the lid tightly and store until when needed.

And there you have it! Florida Water has multiple uses, and a few drops can really make a difference to your aura, your home or your magical practices.

Blessed be!

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Maarit Veijola
Maarit Veijola
Nov 02, 2020

Or made myself ☺️


Maarit Veijola
Maarit Veijola
Nov 02, 2020

Thanks for sharing these recipes, they will be useful as here in Poland, Europe is difficult to find Florida water or any other magical stuff in stores or even online. Nearly everything (tools) I have ordered from abroad. :)

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