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We Shall Have NONE of That!

Improve Yourself

Have you ever woke up one day and just looked in the mirror and said...

"Man, this sucks" and then you turned the TV on while you make coffee and all you hear is negative things running in the background?

Or maybe the kids are already arguing.

As you continue getting ready your thoughts are filled with aggravation, anger, annoyance...This day already has been terrible!

Well, now you are late for work! So, you jump in your car, and you get stuck in traffic, you can feel your blood beginning to boil! As you glance at yourself in the mirror - the negative self talk continues. You begin to notice how tired you look, your hair looks dull and dry, the wrinkles around your eyes seem deeper, the list goes on and on. You could pick yourself apart ALL day.

Now you notice the guy in front of you staring at you through his he thinking bad things about you? He must be...look at him! What a jerk! He doesn't even know you! UGH! You begin to think how much you hate that guy and how you hope he has a terrible day too!

So now your negative-ness is overflowing onto people you don't even know and this poor guy in front of you is probably having the same crappy day as you and having similar negative self talk with himself!

Sound familiar?

Now, think about how the rest of your day went from there. Did that first negative thought serve you well? Did it serve the people you had to be around all day well? The day probably kept getting progressively more sour or it was just plain ole' mediocre.

I have, unfortunately, on more than one occasion started my day exactly like this! Trust me when I say you are not alone with days such as those.

A LOT of people use destructive self talk daily, weekly, and even yearly! They don't even realize they are doing it anymore because it has just become such a habit to do it.

Sometimes we get into ruts of negative self talk. It can be VERY self destructive and destructive to those around you.

You can change this cycle though! Once you begin to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results; in all aspects of your life. Don't get discourage it does takes practice!

Increasing your self-esteem involves self-encouragement and positive actions.

Sitting around "waiting" to feel better will more than likely end in failure and NOT feeling better at all and more than likely feeling worse! When our minds continuously hone in on what is wrong with ourselves or with others, that's when we can become stuck in a pattern of negativity.

Take action today! Don't be a victim of negative self talk. Remember....YOU ARE LISTENING!

Tell the negative council that meets in your head to sit down and shut the hell up. Fire ALL of them!

Start talking to yourself like you would talk to someone you love.

I am a firm believer that what we think, we become, and we mold into exactly what we manifest.

What we think, determines what we believe, what we believe, determines how we actually feel.

The way we feel, influences us on how we are going to act/react. Can you see the cycle?

Thoughts -> Beliefs -> Feelings -> Actions ->Results->Repeat

Here are a few samples:

Instead of thinking "I am not very good at this."

Try thinking "I will try tackling this at a different angle."

Instead of thinking " I just can't do this exercise, I am too weak."

Try thinking " I am going to train my body in this exercise until I am stronger & I can do it with ease!"

Instead of thinking "I won't be able to make this change."

Try thinking "Let's take a chance!"

Also, avoid words like can't and won't. Depression, low self-esteem and anxiety are often the results of irrational, negative self talk.

Don't expect to become positive overnight.

Remember it takes practice! It also helps to try to surround yourself with positive like-minded people. If you struggle with being positive, find people who vibrate high to help YOU raise YOUR vibrations.

Eventually your self-talk will contain less criticism and more acceptance and tolerance.

What will some of your positive self talk conversations be like this week?

Feel free to comment and just maybe your positive self-talk will inspire others!

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