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Triple Blessings!

WOW! Are you kidding me? I am SO excited! The weekend, Halloween, and a Blue Moon all in one glorious night! Fantastical! 😍

Halloween is an exciting time for a lot of us that practice witchcraft. It can offer wonderful energy, it brings us the Witches’ New year known as Samhain (SOW-in) , it also brings spooky stories, costumes, tricks & treats, and what a wonderful treat we are getting this Halloween as we will be blessed with a Blue Moon and it lands on a weekend! Yes!!!

A blue moon is a term used to describe when a full moon takes place twice in a single calendar month. Typically we only get ONE full moon per month. The blue moon on October 31, 2020 does not have astrological significance.

According to astrologers, this blue moon is considered a calendrical event rather than astrological event. What that means is this, a calendrical blue moon occurs a second time in one calendar month, as I stated previously, but an astrological blue moon is one that occurs a second time during one solar month, that is when the sun passes through a zodiac sign. The next one of those will occur on August 22, 2021, traditionally called the Sturgeon Moon.

Even though this blue moon is not going to be an astrological event, it is still amazing, and it will still hold a lot of great energy for a lot of people! Personally, I plan to take full advantage of having that Lunar Bonus! CHA-CHING!

Full moons are always extremely exciting, but getting two full moons in one calendar month is like the Universe saying, “Here is a second chance!” Let this full moon serve as a reminder to all of us, that there is always a possibility for a second chance. A new beginning, a fresh start, and forgiveness.

Speaking of beginning again, I shall digress slightly, in saying, I like to keep this chant handy in my witchy toolkit; om gam ganapataye namaha

Video attached to the Mantra for pronunciation. -- I still digress...the video I linked is of a man named, Girish. Who I got to meet a few years back at a Yoga event. I was like a giddy school girl when I met him. LOL. His energy is so calm!

Anywho, this mantra has gotten me through more difficult moments than I care to admit having! It is Sanskrit and it invokes the Lord Ganesha to aid you in removing obstacles that impede on your life. By chanting this 108 times it is said to remove those obstacles and energy blockages in your physical and astral bodies. I've used this mantra many times during a panic attack. It works!

OK, back to the blue moon!

Here is a little ritual you can try!

Find a moment tonight to connect with the divine energy of the Blue Moon and release the things that no longer serve you.

Bay Leaf Ritual

Begin by cleansing your space with sage, palo santo or other cleansing method of your liking. You want the space to be clear of low vibrations or stagnant, negative energy.

If you can not burn things where you live, ring a bell or a chime. Sound cleansing will also work to clear that old, stagnant energy.

Light a white or black candle and light a Sandalwood incense (or other scent of your liking) and sit down in a comfortable spot with a pen and some bay leaves. If you don't have bay leaves, use paper.

Begin to write down words of things that you want to release. You will purge yourself of the things that no longer serve you. Things like, anger, ego, fear, or maybe it's the name of a toxic person in your life, a bad habit, such as smoking. Just remember, these words are things that typically cause us pain, grief, distress, or anguish. These are things that act like obstacles, or self-sabotaging habits. Write down anything that does not serve you well.

Once your bay leaves are filled with your words, go outside under the full moon and read them each outloud beginning with, this chant,

“Tonight, I call upon the energy of the Divine Blue Moon, I release, (read your words). With this release brings calming energy to my heart, my soul, and my mind. I am healed & free under the glow of the divine.”

In a fireproof dish, firepit or cauldron, burn your bay leaves one by one under the full moon.

Do as many leaves as you need!

While the leaf burns repeat: “Tonight, is the night I let go. Thank you moon, I am grateful to feel the energy flow. All these things I release from me, so it is spoken, so mote it be.”

You should now feel lighter and freer!

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Be sure to use fire caution! Especially if you live in an area that has been suffering from drought!


Enjoy this special night, as it only happens “once in a blue moon.” and until Next time…Live, Love and Magick!

Here is a beautiful Full Moon Lunar Elixir Tea & Full Moon Anointing Oil you can try too!

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