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My Higher Self


Call the 4 elements to guide you. Have something near you to represent each elemental. As you say each verse, touch or hover your hands near the corresponding item.

Earth – (dirt, sand, crystals)

I call earth to bind my spell.

Air – (feather, incense)

Air to speed its travel well!

Fire – (candle, firepit, fireplace)

Bright as fire shall it glow!

Water – (moon water, seashell, tap water)

Deep as tide of water flow!

Light your incense and candle during this phase.

Repeat out loud

As this candle burns away my life will change night and day.

I turn from sorrow and away from wrath I shall now walk a different path.

Elemental Air I call upon you to help me listen, and to hear, help me to heal without any fear.

Elemental Fire bring me inspiration to live life with wisdom no longer shall I be a helpless victim.

Elemental Water please act as a guide and walk with me through the changing tides.

Elemental earth guide me to stay stable and be my best, what doesn’t serve me, I now lay to rest.

Combined you shall teach and guide me to grow, so my As Above Be So Below!

So, Mote It Be! It is done.

Elements hear the gratitude in my heart! I release your energies to return to the four corners of the earth. Stay if you wish, but I release thee. Blessed be!

Sit a few moments and feel free to record in your Book of Shadows what you have experienced during this spell.

Snuff out your candle and be a good witch and clean up your mess when you are done.

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