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Increasing Self- Awareness

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Increasing Self- Awareness

By increasing self-awareness during conflicted situations, we can curb destructive behaviors and improve relationships, both personally and professionally.

Avoiding that aspect creates a far worse issue – a war of assumptions inside our own mind, heart, and soul.

Overtime - I've learned that what I assume people think about me is hardly ever what they actually believe. Also, the other lesson I have learned overtime is, what other people think of me, is really none of my business.

Don’t let your mind tell you what others may be thinking about you.

Acknowledge that it is what YOU think of you! And work on that 'broken' soul that triggers that thought process.

A happy and joyful life is about living life with values and living with purpose. Conflicts can help you discover that value & purpose as well as, teach you about the other person’s values and purpose.

Conflicts give us an opportunity to thrive and grow together in relationships. Do not avoid conflicts, instead take advantage of them as a learning opportunity. This is self-awareness. This is mindfulness.

Instead of looking for conflict avoidance techniques, I implore you to seek conflict techniques that actually teach you the emotional skills needed to deal with conflict in a healthy and productive way.

The first step is to acknowledge there is conflict.

The second step is to ask yourself, "What can I do to help this conflict move in a better direction?"

The third step - practice this mindfulness!

You got this!

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