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In Every Situation, YOU Choose Your Attitude

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Magick is something you make.

Be determined to be positive in your day.

Understand that the greater part of your gloom or unhappiness is defined not by your circumstances, but by your attitude towards those circumstances.

A happy person is not a person who’s always in a good situation, but rather a person who always has an excellent attitude in every situation.

So smile at those who often try to begrudge or upset you; show them what’s missing in their lives and what they can’t take away from you. Honestly, that is some real powerful magick right there!

By doing the aforementioned doesn’t mean you are a weak person or are giving in, it means you are consciously making a choice of happiness over pain, misery, and drama.

If you are new to this way of thinking, it will take time and practice. This also doesn't mean you can't be allowed to be in a 'bad mood'. You certainly CAN be in a 'mood' - just don't 'live' there!

If you choose to wallow in self pity, self misery or become engulfed by the drama, that is on you and you alone; in every situation, you choose your attitude. Whether you choose to be happy or miserable, it takes the same amount of energy. Which will you choose?

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