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Hera - Greek Queen and Goddess of the Sky - Wife of Zeus

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Hera Goddess

Mother : Rhea

Father : Kronos

Siblings : Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, and Hestia

Children : Hebe, Ares, Eileithyia, Hephaistos, Typhaon, and The Kharites

Hera is well-known for being the wife - and sister - of Zeus, and she did not bear any children that were not His or Her own. She did, however, bear children on her own (with no father).

Sacred Symbols of Hera: Royal Scepter - Hera was never seen without her scepter. Diadem (jeweled crown)

Sacred Animals of Hera:

Cow - Hera was not fooled by the deception of Zeus during His affair with Io, when he turned Io into a cow to protect her from Hera. Hera devised a plan to get Io away from Zeus and to leave forever. Also, it is said that cows are a motherly animal and Hera chose the cow to be sacred to her. There are some that believe Hera was the one to turn io into a cow to punish her husband for the affair.

Peacock - It is said that Hera chose the peacock as sacred because she could see the eyes of Argos within them. Argos was a servant to Hera.

Sacred Plants of Hera:

Pomegranate - Hera chose the pomegranate due to its symbolism and relationship with marriages. Pomegranate was also a symbol of fertility. Her flower was the lily.

If you would like to start building a relationship with Hera:

Construct a shrine or altar in Her name. As Goddess of women and protector of men, it would be fitting for anyone to construct an altar to Her. The altar should include Her symbols and a place for libations and offerings.

Give daily offerings and practice daily devotion.

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