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Harmony Anointing Oil Blend

Use on candles, yourself, in a bath, or amulets.

Good for spells that include:

  • Centering your Heart

  • Inner Peace

  • Harmonious Connection

What you need:

  • Glass container

  • Carrier Oil – olive oil – great for healing, peace & protection

  • Jasmine - love

  • Bay leaf -healing, protection, and success

  • Roses-love, uplifting

  • Lavender – happiness, purification

  • Hibiscus -love, protection

  • Gold eco-glitter – The energy of gold can be used to balance the energy fields and to assist one in the elimination of ego conflicts. Gold has been said to attract happiness; to provide composure and stabilize the emotional system. It may even help to amplify positive feelings. It can help clear negativity from the chakras.

Be sure to cleanse your container first with sage, palo santo or other cleansing method of your choosing.

Add all your herbs, glitter and then the oil. Shake. Look how beautiful it is! 😊

Oil Spell Jar

Be sure to thank all the plant spirits that gave you their energy to make this beautiful harmonizing oil!

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