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Empty Wallet Hex

Empty Wallet Hex

By standard definitions, a “hex” or “hexing” implies causing unpleasant, unlucky, or harmful things to happen to people or their personal possessions through supernatural means by use of witchcraft.

Hexing is also known as baneful magick.

In my practice, hexing or cursing someone should always be used as the absolute last resort. Exhaust ALL other options first. 🙂

Remember, to curse or hex someone means you intend to cause some kind of damage or impairment, whether it’s physical, financial, mental, or emotional. Spell crafting of this nature should be undertaken with the maximum seriousness, as should any and ALL spell crafting you perform.

And of course, a spell of this nature will influence not only the target’s life but those within their circle of influence.

There is also something else to take into consideration; some witches believe in the Law of Three or the Law of Return. Which basically means that the energy you send out, returns to you with three times the intensity.

While I do not believe in this thinking (the rule of three), I do believe, you must take responsibility for your actions - -magickally or mundanely.

Another thing to take into consideration when practicing this type of magick is that it takes a lot of emotional energy, such as hate, resentment, anger, or pure rage. In order for this type of spell to work – that energy must be focused in order for it to reach its target to be effective. So, be confident that you can hold onto that kind of emotional energy if you choose to practice baneful magick. That type of emotional drain can be rather intense for the practitioner if they aren’t prepared.

Sometimes, (in my opinion) it’s just not worth the emotional expenditure on the practitioner to make this type of magick effective or even worth doing. Basically, ask yourself, “By doing this, will it make me feel better, will it change how I feel about the target, or will it cause me more harm than good? Will it be a waste of my precious energy?”

As a green witch, as I said before, I try to exhaust all other options first before taking on this type of magick.

Believing baneful magick is right or wrong is completely up to the individual practitioner and no one should tell them otherwise.

We should all practice in ways that we believe & trust to serve us well…no matter what path we choose.

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