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Dance of Life

Dance of Life

If you feel stuck inside and are feeling a bit un-grounded or chaotic ...take 5 minutes today to do this meditation practice to help with grounding.

A Red Jasper being held during this grounding meditation will aid you.

The root chakra’s associated color is red, so the red jasper is a perfect stone to add.

Find a comfortable seat. Close your eyes or watch this video while in a relaxed seated position.

Breathe deeply.

Turn your attention to the location of the root chakra, right below your tailbone.

Notice any tightness in the area.

Try picturing a red glow of energy at the base of your spine.

This glow will slowly expand, making the whole area warm and relaxed. Continue with your breath.

In this moment, where ever you are, feel the supporting ground underneath you.

Feel your root chakra being grounded, feel it stabilizing and rooting deeply.

Imagine roots stemming out from the base of your spine and running deep into the core of the earth.

Allowing Mother Earth to embrace them, surround and connect with them. Feel her loving embrace.

Spend a few breaths allowing yourself to entwine with this strong, supportive energy.

Once this video is over or when you’re ready, slowly open your eyes and being to invite gentle movements into your body.

Return to your heart center and send your blessings of gratitude to Mother Earth.

Blessed Be.

This connection is always available to you, use as needed.

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