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Binding spell

Binding spell: A ritual meant stop someone from committing harm usually performed either by tying up a poppet likeness or by inscribing their name on a candle.

A binding spell is a spell used to bind another persons powers or actions, preventing them from doing harm against others, themselves or both. That is what this spell is intended for.

I've personally done a binding spell very similar to this one on someone long ago who was very toxic to me. It's been over 6 years since I've heard from her; she is still alive because a mutual friend of ours has spoken of her.

It's also important to note that binding can be a positive act, depending on the intent involved. For instance, in a hand-fasting ceremony, two people are bound together magically through the use of a symbolic cord.

⚠ NOTE: Someone asked me what to do with the left over candle: Relight it again the next day if you feel your energy wasn't strong enough and repeat the entire spell - if you are having to do this, make sure YOU are grounded before attempting this again. OR you can toss the candle in the trash, or bury it at a crossroads. It is said, if you speak of this spell once it's completed it weakens it. SO hush hush now. 🤫

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I've always heard of the three and nine but I'm not sure what that means. Could you please explain that to me? Thanks ☺️

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That makes a lot of sense. Thank you so much! I'm not that great in numerology 😆 I appreciate it ☺️

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