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Banishing Spell

Sometimes you need a little extra help to break those ties that bind you to someone. Especially if that person is toxic. This spell includes instruction on what to add so no harm comes to either party. Only ties are broken.

If you plan to do something like this to someone other than yourself, I will advise a word of caution...When you start doing spells like this, you begin to disrupt others free-will. Just keep that in mind.

Although I do not believe or follow the Wiccan code, Rule of Three, I like to put out a word of caution when doing this type of spellwork so that others are aware. You are free to do what you want, but just note you are not free of consequences from your actions. (For every action there is a consequence, albeit good or bad.)

Even though I follow a mostly green path, I believe magick can be used like this for certain situations. Of course, this would be my last resort. With my practice, I always try to solve a situation with the mundane before moving into something of this level.

Disclaimer: Be careful what you 'witch' for.

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