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Autumn Equinox!

Autumn Equinox!

In NH today starts the Autumn Equinox! Autumn represents change for many people. Life, like the falling leaves on the trees, must take a new path by shedding the old to usher in the new.

Scientifically, the Autumnal Equinox occurs when the Sun is exactly above the Equator, which means the day and night are exactly the same length.

It's a time to put past grievances aside and focus on what's to come in the future, bringing optimism and excitement. Every new beginning provides an opportunity to cleanse your body and soul in order to feel refreshed and ready for the new season.

The Autumn Equinox traditionally marks the end of the harvest season, when we take stock of what we've grown and gathered and give thanks for what we've received.

Aside from gratitude, the Autumn Equinox is a good time to think about and invite balance into your life. As we transition from the light to the dark half of the year, the concept of balance may need to be redefined; what kept you balanced in the summertime heat may not work the same way on cooler days. Balance is constantly shifting, and our daily routines and rituals may need to change as the seasons change.

Which brings me to Mabon! Mabon marks the autumnal equinox.Mabon is essentially a harvest celebration. This day was used by ancient Celts and pagans to thank nature for a good harvest and to pray to their gods and goddesses that the crop would last through the winter.

At its core, Mabon is all about gratitude. It also signals the recognition of a mental and physical adjustment required for the longer, darker nights and harsher conditions that lie ahead.

An older video but still a great, easy spell!

Autumn Equinox

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