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As We Move Into A New Season...

As we move into a new season...

As we move into Autumn (or Spring for some of you)

Each season we can find meaningful questions, in which we can ask ourselves, so that we may continue to grow and keep the energies flowing with the seasons.

Grab a notebook and pen and reflect on these questions.

When I do this type of work, I like to make a cup of tea or coffee, light an incense and a candle, and then before I begin to write, I take in three deep and cleansings breaths.

1. What are you harvesting (autumn) or planting (spring) in your life right now?

2. How have you grown over Summer? What stillness was taken during Winter?

3. What lessons have you learned over the season of Summer/Winter?

4. Where do you need more balance in your life and what steps can you take to regain some balance?

5. What feels out of alignment and what steps can you take to realign yourself?

6. What are you grateful for right now?

7. Choose one thing to make a priority and then create steps in order to make that come to fruition.

8. No matter what season you are in take some time to do a cleansing ritual. Shed the old and bring on the new energy of the season! Use this purifying spray to help you out.

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