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Am I Taking Crazy Pills?

Am Taking Crazy Pills?

I was just taking a little break from my mundane side of work life and perusing some witchy groups on Facebook...Ugh - why do I do this to myself? LOL I suppose it gives me good topics to write about!

Of course the typical bickering back and forth and the gatekeeping word being thrown around and the entitlement of the ones screaming 'gatekeeping' was mind boggling!! I want to know when people started using the word gatekeeper almost as if it's a slur?

I had written an article about "there are no gatekeepers" and I STILL believe that to be true...true in what that word actually means which is; Gatekeeping is defined as the activity of controlling, and usually limiting, general access to something.

There are things I DO NOT and will NOT share with people publicly -- that doesn't make me a gatekeeper, because there is literally an entire world wide web full of information so no one is keeping anyone from anything.

Back to my story...

There were a few people absolutely miffed that someone wouldn't share something with them in the group. Started attacking her, calling her a gatekeeper and others started jumping on the bandwagon as well. Then started attacking her because she mentioned she had a coven on Patreon and they could go there to learn more if they were interested.

With some of the responses, you would of thought she asked for a blood sacrifice.

Attacking her with things like:

"How dare you charge for that - you call yourself spiritual?"

" Wow, only scammers charge money."

"Your 'coven' shouldn't keep things from others -- you are gatekeeping learning!"

"F*cking b*itch thinks she's the sh*t and charges people....lolol"

I could go on with the commentary but you catch the vibe... #gross

Are you kidding me with some of those responses?! 😐 #grosstimes100

The original poster ended up leaving the group and I don't blame her...I actually ended up leaving the group too. I just can NOT with this energy anymore. It's gross and there is NOTHING spiritual about a bunch of grown women attacking someone because they are trying to make a living. They didn't want to share ALL their secrets in a public forum. OK. SO WHAT?! She didn't share...move on! I am just flabbergasted from that whole exchange still!

That woman in that witch group -- or anyone else for that matter is under ZERO obligation to share anything with anyone!

Anyway -- with that said, it got me thinking...because I run a metaphysical online store and an online coven. I offer many levels of memberships, which I make VERY affordable because I want everyone to be able to feel they can join a coven if they want to be part of something bigger.

Depending on the level membership you purchase determines what is given to you in a set month.

I am VERY grateful to those who have chosen Earth Spirit Coven as their community - and I am going to be extremely honest...I am in no way getting rich from running a coven.... LOL. I do it because I love the privacy of a coven, I love the community I have built with the coven members. I do it because I love it.

If I legit sat down and figured out what I spend and what I make...I PROMISE you I am taking a loss.

I am not telling you this to feel badly. I am telling you because some people want to share their knowledge (like me and that woman)...but if I want to offer quality content it takes MONEY.

To create content and share this content that I offer takes resources and those resources are not free. I get nickeled and dimed to death from fees for everything. Oh, want to host a website? Fee. Want to sell stuff on that website? Fee. Oh, want to accept credit cards? Fee. Oh...wait...the credit card company also wants to take a fee from the sale for running the card. Oh, you're a business so you must register with the state. Fee. Oh, want to edit videos? Purchase this program. Purchase this license if you want that photo or that music... Etc., etc... My point's NOT free and I am not I have to charge a little something in order for me to continue doing what I am doing.

Even if you aren't online -- it takes money to teach - you'd have to have printed materials, maybe rent a space to host and drink for your guests. No matter what anyone says -- money makes the world go round - like it or not.

To address the "Your coven shouldn't hold stuff from others" comment... Ummm...yes they should and can! lol Literally the point of a coven is to have a private community of like-minded people. Covens are under no obligation to share anything with anyone other than their coven. It takes A LOT of work, time and energy to run a coven. So why did that person feel they were entitled to coven information?

Also, YOU, as a person are NOT obligated to share anything with anyone either! You can keep private about whatever you want to with your practice.

I do have to quickly mention, I think there is a difference in people who try to be the "gatekeepers". There are those people who "gatekeep' because they feel superior and elite and then there are those who gatekeep to protect their lineage. Does that make sense? One does it to be superior, the other does it to protect their own family practice and their family "recipes".

I do not share everything I know. There are certain things that are sacred to me and me alone and I hold those things within the pages of my private BoS which will be passed down to my family when I leave this world.

I have every right to hold those things private. No one is obligated to share their knowledge or practice with anyone. I studied. I learned. I studied some more and I experimented...I made a mess, & I learned to clean it up. I would ask for guidance, or assistance when I felt I needed it and if none was given, it was back to the drawing board for me!

I don't understand why people get upset if someone decides to not spoon-feed information to someone else. It's not my job or your job to spoon-feed information to someone who isn't willing to get down and dirty for themselves.

Anywho, I could go on and on...but just remember, sometimes witchcraft lessons and information is literally like a secret family recipe!

No one yells 'gatekeeping' when grandma doesn't wanna share her famous cookie recipe! 😃

Until next time, Live, Love, & Magick!

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100% agree. The internet and access to information has created people who have this sense of entitlement that says “Oh you host a site? Then you are to provide me all content for free that you have!” Nope, you can share or not share whatever you want. If what you do share is valuable to someone, they’ll continue to follow you. If it isn’t, then they can move on. What they DON’T get to do is call you a gatekeeper. Utter entitled nonsense.


A Witches BookShelf
A Witches BookShelf

Ummm I hear ya sister....loud and clear and I agree with you. I don't share everything....I guess the question would be.....Why Not? To which I would answer...... CUZ. IF everyone did what everyone else did, imagine the copycats? I would share something if it meant eliminating mankinds sicknesses..(or something such as that)....but if it won't, then the spell, potion, ingredients, or ritual are mine.. and that is not greedy, nor selfish. As for charging for things, ya put the work into it, and this work is not any different than working a job for someone else.... complainers just prove everyone wants something for nothing....gimmee gimmee attitude. I have been surprised at comments from the Witch community....tsk tsk and to some…

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