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A Chance to Win!

Win with Beyond Sight Studio and The Eclectic Green Witchery

Now is YOUR chance to WIN FREE Stuff -- all we ask is that you help us out by following our social media platforms!! Winner Announced July 31!!!

Here's what you will get if you win!

1 Small-batch essential oil anointing spray:

Somer-Squatch (4oz.) - $35

Inspired by the sasquatch sighting phenomena of Somerset, Kentucky, this mix will welcome the longer days, hot summer nights, and all of the strange creatures that are lurking.

-Carnelian brings warmth, joy, inspiration, and high energy that will raise your vibrations.

-Let blood orange bring out your passion and inner fire while giving you strength and courage. It's great for sun, moon, and blood magic.

-Green tea and eucalyptus will also provide energy and focus that can help with insight, receiving guidance, and divination while protection you from negative energies.

1 Necklace:

Black Kyanite "Witches Broom" wrapped in Copper w/ 26" Leather Cord - $75

Black Kyanite properties:

-Root Chakra

-Manifestation of vision and clairvoyance

-Chakra attunement

-Developing psychic abilities

-Retains no negative energies, therefore needs no cleansings

1 Photo Print:

"Umbrella" 8x10 Metal Print - $65

1 Mystery Box from The Eclectic Green Witchery - $65

Dreams, Desires & Intentions Book by Laurie A Gouley - $8.95

Combined Value: $248.95

Everything you do below will get your named entered into the drawing!

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You'll have ELEVEN entries by doing all of the above!!

BONUS entry!!!

SHARE this post on YOUR social media and tag 2 friends who you think would love a chance to win!

That makes TWELVE! 🤗
Combined Value: $175

Value $8.95
Value $8.95

Witchy Box - $65 value
Witchy Box - $65 value

This give-away brought to you by

Beyond Sight Studios & The Eclectic Green


The fine print -

Winner will be announced on July 30th at 7PM EST and will have 48 hours to claim their prize by contacting me directly.

Disclaimer and Eligibility: Any accounts that unfollow this account after the winner is announced will not be eligible for any future giveaways by The Eclectic Green Witchery & Beyond Sight Studios in 2022/2023.

This contest is only open to USA. Sadly, a lot of the oils and plant life cannot make it through customs. Sorry! 😥

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