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Time For Healing

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Let's face it, it's been a rough couple of years for everyone!

Between political divisions, a pandemic that seems to never end, and people's mental health plummeting from being over worked, under paid and mistreated daily by others who are having the same kind of crappy's no wonder we feel...

...defeated? Bad & low energy? Low vibes? Sick?

Not really sure what to call this "heaviness" I see and feel from a lot of my fellow humans. Am I the only one feeling this? Are others feeling this heaviness? Is it just me and I have gone mad? 😂

If you follow me on social media on Facebook or Instagram - you may have noticed already or you will start to notice, a slight shift in my posts and messages. Using hashtags such as, #motivationalwitch #powerful #lifteachotherup❤️ #powerfulmindset #startinganewtrend #witchessupportingwitches #highervibes

I am trying to start a new trend...a trend where we rise-up together - a trend where we help each other out instead of tearing each other down...there is SO much belittling online everywhere, but in the witch community -- this should not be happening.

People claiming to be on a spiritual path, but then are berating someone in the next breath. Someone being so vile and vicious to another human being and then ending their tirade with a "blessed be... that passive aggressive BS needs to stop and WE, the witch community need to be the ones to lead the way with a new mindset, higher vibrational frequencies and more compassion and understanding.

I get it, trust me, WE ALL GO THROUGH CRAPPY STUFF. 😥

HOWEVER, we need to quell taking out OUR crap on others. WE need to be the leaders and use our magickal energy to help shift this planet into something beautiful for all to enjoy. WE need to do this not only for our fellow humans, but for Mother Earth herself, and for our OWN mental health and well-being.

Imagine how much we ALL would thrive if we changed how we received things. If we changed how we interacted with people on a daily basis. Imagine... 🤗

My basic messages will be very clear on social media...and the key theme will be; Be a mentor instead of a tormentor. 🙂

My message to the Elders and Crones...There are ways to teach the new generation without discouraging them or belittling them. Embrace them and take them under your wing. Teach them the old ways so that they can carry on the legacy. Put egos away...they do not serve anyone well. Allow your ears to be soft to hear and allow your heart to be open to new ways. This is how we all grow. This is how we all learn. You will forever be learning on this path.

And my message to the new generation of witches who are embracing this path... Put egos away...they do not serve anyone well. You may believe you are doing things "the right way" and people will challenge your ways. Be OK with people challenging you and do not become defensive about it. Learn from it. Take what resonates and leave behind what doesn't. Change your mindset and allow your ears to be soft to hear. Allow your heart to be open to receive. This is how we all grow. This is how we all learn. You will forever be learning on this path.

Witchcraft is a very personal and unique path. The sooner everyone can understand that "mantra" the sooner we can embrace this "new trend" I am pushing for. 😉 I challenge you to become part of this new trend with me.

Will this be easy? Nope. Will it be worth it? YEP!!

What is Witchcraft

WHEW -- that was long winded and I hope it makes sense! As I've said before...sometimes what's in my head doesn't always come out well in words on paper. 😉

With ALL that said...I believe in order for us to make a shift, we, ourselves need to make a shift -- especially if we want others to change...WE need to change within ourselves first.

Change is hard and can sometimes come with pain, confusion and chaos.

I decided to write a journal type book to help people move with change more easily. Throughout this book you will be given guidance, journal prompts, inspirational quotes, and a few witchy spells to help you through the process.

Don't fret if you find yourself going down a rabbit hole. That is part of the healing process. Believe in yourself, you are a powerful being. Time to reveal, release, & reclaim your life!

When writing in it I recommend using no-bleed pens or colored pencils. 😁

Thank you once again for reading my musing and for your support!

I hope you enjoy being here and I hope you find my new book helpful!

Click the image below if you wish to purchase this journal.

Until next time...Live, Love and Magick!

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1 Comment

Jan 16, 2022

I am just catching up again! Ive been sick for the last few weeks. Ive missed so much, but I'll catch up. Awww I love this ! I've been really feeling blue and grumpy lately. I need to get my stuff together, i dont like feeling this way. The events over the last two years have finally crept on me and I seem to have more shadow work to do. I didn't realize how much all the events over the last two years have impacted my mental state . I thought i was handling it all ' like a champ'...smh I've just ordered your book and I can't wait to read it!!!

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