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Return to Sender

This revenge spell will be one of the most effective spells we can do if we want someone to feel the exact same pain and hurt that they inflicted upon us.

If a person bullied you, cheated on you, or did anything that hurt you in any way, you can easily return it to them with this Return to Sender spell.

What You Need:

A clear mind

Ground first

A photo of the intended target

A red marker


What You Need To Do

Use the red marker and write on the photo, saying what you want the person in the photo to feel.

It could be as simple as the word, "pain" or more precise and detailed.

Listen to your intuition here.

Stand in front of a mirror showing the photo.

Recite the words you have written on the photo and then say the following:

“You will receive what you gave me, in the same capacity and degree. From this moment on until I decide, that it has been sufficient & my will allows this spell to subside”

Tape the photo to the mirror, with the written part facing the mirror.

The effects will last for as long as the photo is still taped to the mirror.

Remember: This spell should not be maintained for an unfair amount of time. And you should not abuse your power with it. This spell is about returning the damage received to the same extent and not more.

Return to Sender Spell

Side Note: There are conflicting opinions regarding revenge spells. Some believe it will return to you times three. Some believe to let the Divine handle it, some believe to take revenge immediately while their pain is still fresh and then some believe, "revenge is a dish best served cold", meaning, that revenge is more satisfying if enacted when unexpected. Whatever you believe, always take the time to acknowledge the effects that your spells could have on all involved.

My advice is to try the following first: Instead of focusing all your energy on your negative/hurt emotions over someone else, try to focus on you first. Focus on some self-love and why you absolutely deserve something better in life and use this chance to learn the lessons life has given you. Use this moment to begin to prioritize things like your own happiness and well-being.

Until next time, Live, Love, & Magick

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