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Hustle 24-7! Uh,

Every day someone does something for you that you take for granted. Yup...think about that....I bet you can think of several things now that I pointed it out...sorry/not sorry!

Humans are always rushing to do the next task. Everyone is in hustle mode 24-7! People never slow down long enough to genuinely appreciate those around them.

By not taking a moment to appreciate someone’s efforts every once in awhile, can lead to hurt feelings and broken hearts. 💔

Even the most caring people in the world can get tired of being taken for granted. If we don’t value what people do for us we might end up losing them once they realized they have had enough.

Love doesn't demand to be loved back, but it doesn't mean it exists to be taken for granted. 🙃

Today, slow down, take a moment to appreciate the important people in your life...for one day you may wake up and it will be too late.


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