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Hunter's Moon - October 1 2020

You can tap into a full moon's energy on the day of and three days prior and three days after. So you have time! Let's get prepared!

hunter's moon

The first full moon in October is referred to as the Hunters Moon. Other names it is known as is, Harvest Moon, The Blood Moon or Sanguine Moon due to its bright color.

Other names for this full moon are Travel Moon and Dying Grass Moon.

This moon would be a great time to connect with your ancestors. When the moon rises, (Oct 1, 2020 at 5:05 pm EST) carve the initials of your ancestor you wish to honor into an apple and place it on a plate at the dinner table. Welcome your guest.

And, how exciting, we will also have a second full moon in October - Blue Moon on Halloween!

Here are some spell ideas for the upcoming moon energies.

Hunter's Full Moon: Transformation and divine messages from the ancestors or spirit guides.

1 - Set up a sacred space by lighting candles and incense.

2 - Meditate for about 5 minutes.

3 - Write situations, people, behaviors and bad habits you wish to let go of. Things that no longer serve you. Allow yourself to release these things by burning the list and then dropping it into a bowl of water. As the list catches fire, repeat "I call upon the energy of the full moon, to allow me to release things which no longer serve me. I release all pain and anything that blocks me from connecting to my higher self. I cut all cords from my past. I begin anew, free of guilt, free of pain, and free of self-bondage. So it is spoken, so it shall be."

Set the bowl of water outside under the full moon. Thank the moon for taking your burdens away from you and aiding in the transformation process. Toss the contents out in the morning. Thank mother earth for receiving your offering and protecting you.

And we get another full moon this month! It's as if the universe is sayin, "OK, you get a another shot this month, a second chance, you got this!"

The energy of this moon will be a much stronger vibration. So you may be a bit more emotional.

Blue Full Moon: Massive Transformation. Second chances.

If you have a Tarot Deck, find the Empress card and place it in front of you. You can always google an image of this card too if you don't have a Tarot deck. The Empress can be called upon for balance, beauty, goodness, self-love, harmony, stability and well-being energy.

The Empress
The Empress

Let's set up some sacred space:

Light a white candle and a black candle.

Repeat, "These candles burn bright, with energy and power they'll lend me tonight."

White is for unity, cleansing, peace, balance and healing.

Black is for absorbing negativity and banishing it.

Seasonal items for this time of year: mums, pansies, black-eyed susan, autumn leaves, or acorns.

A bowl of sea salt and place any talisman or crystal inside this bowl - make sure it's an item that won't be destroyed by placing it in salt.

Incense of either dragon's blood, sandalwood, sage, lavender, or pal santo. Light it and repeat, "I cleanse this space of all negative energy. Only love, healing, and protective light may enter here."

Arrange all the items on your sacred space. Place things where they feel right to you.

Begin to settle in and gaze at your Empress card and repeat, "On this blue moon, I call upon the Empress of balance, justice, and beauty, to help me release any known or unknown obstacles. Release them out and away from me and down towards Mother Earth. Allowing me to be free and grounded once again."

Take your talisman or crystal out of the salt bowl, hold it to your heart-center and repeat, "I charge this item with the energy of the Blue Moon. I banish what tears me down. With a heart that is steady and true, I make room for the new, I am ready. I release all that holds me back, I release pain and suffering. I invite peace and healing. I acknowledge the power of my words to create what I intend, peace, balance and harmony shall come from within. So, mote it be!"

Sit with this for a while - envision all that does not serve you well leaving your body. Envision a protective blue, healing, light embracing you. Allow the energy of this blue moon to flow through you. Welcome it's embrace. Welcome it's healing energy. Welcome transformation.

Thank the Empress, thank the Moon, Mother Earth and all the Plant Spirits that aided you tonight.

Snuff out your candles.

Give Mother Earth the plant life as an offering.

Leave your salt under the blue moon to absorb the energy. You can then use this salt in other healing and protective spells. It does not need to be a clear night for this to work. You do not need to leave it outside! You can set this bowl on a windowsill. All you need is the energy, not the direct light.

Allow your incense to burn out on it's own. (use fire safety)

Keep your crystal or talisman near you, on a nightstand, while you sleep tonight. Feel free to carry it around with you.

Here is a full moon anointing oil recipe - RECIPE

Blue Moon
Blue Moon

Enjoy these moons and the energy they bring. Blessed be.

Also, a little trivia! Old folklore accounts suggest that Full Moons and Micromoons affect human mental health and bring on natural disasters, like earthquakes, but no scientific evidence supports any such correlation.

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