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Consecrate & Casting A Circle

Consecrate & Casting A Circle

PDF attached for a print out. Great addition to your Book of Shadows.

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Simple Consecrate

Have whatever you want to consecrate nearby, light your sage, Palo Santo or other cleansing herb.

Ask for the plant spirit blessing,

“I ask that the plant spirit of Palo Santo (or sage) please infuse this space with blessings”.

Pick up your object, fan it with your smoke, go all around it and say,

“With this smoke I cleanse this object of all negative or harmful energy so that I may use it for my highest good. So, it is said, so shall it be.”

Casting a Circle

Hold the herb of your choice and repeat,

“I ask that the plant spirit of "insert herb name here" please infuse this space with blessings”

Light your cleansing herb extend your dominant arm in front of you, while the herb is lit, walk clockwise in a circle and say,

“I cast this circle for my protection. Keep all negativity out and let only love come in. So it is said, so shall it be!”

When you are done your spells or rituals – walk counterclockwise and say,

“The circle now fades. It is done. Thank you plant spirit for the blessing, blessed be.”

Consecrate and Circle
Download PDF • 4.46MB

If you are using Palo Santo...

Here is what I know - My understanding is that there are two trees called Palo Santo. Which is why there is such confusion about it. Palo Santo from the threatened Bulnesia sarmientoi tree is dark and reddish, like mahogany. Palo Santo from sustainably harvested Bursera graveolens, such as what I use is a yellowish-tan, similar to pine, and sometimes streaked with darker shades of gray or brown. Bulnesia Sarmiento, the threatened type of Palo Santo, grows in the Gran Chaco region of Northern Argentina and Southern Paraguay.

I also buy mine from a company that only gathers their Palo Santo from fallen trees. I also have had my one stick of Palo Santo for about 11 months lol. 🤣

My practice is based on the use and energy of items within nature. I am not "stealing" anyone's culture. I am not being disrespectful and I am ethically purchasing my products.

In my heart, I do not believe Mother Nature intended on one person claiming a natural item. (that is my own personal belief) I respect all cultures and their practices and will do my part to make sure the items I do buy are from ethical companies & sources.

I will also do my part to respect the plant spirits and give them my gratitude. I am very respectful within my own practice on a regular basis anyway. I'll also mention there are certain practices that I won't perform as I am not trained in them and there ARE certain ceremonies that are specific to each culture - and personally, unless invited, I would not tread there.

You absolutely can appreciate and admire without appropriating!

Remember -- appropriating would be taking a sacred object from a culture and producing it as part of a Halloween costume. It involves a lack of understanding, respect and/or appreciation for the historical context of what is being used/taken. DON'T DO IT. PERIOD. 🙂

Also, if I may add, everyone always picks on Palo Santo and Sage as being sacred and cultural. There are indeed many plants that are sacred besides those two. Tobacco, cedar, & sweetgrass, just to name a few.

If people are going to be upset & cry cultural appropriation over the use of one sacred plant then they need to be upset by all the others as well (and typically they aren't and they don't even know that there are other sacred plants)

Of course being a green witch, to me, they are ALL sacred.

YOU can't pick and choose which ones you are going to be upset over. (this was not directed personally at anyone reading this, I am generalizing and trying to write about a touchy subject the best way I can without sounding like a jerk lol)

Since I lean heavily on the Green witch side, I've also been exploring using other cleansing methods such as sounds, breath and intention husband is not a fan of when I burn my "hippie shit". 🤣😂

I hope you found this article helpful! Blessed be everyone!

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I will make a salt circle if I'm working my magic outside in the backyard. However, I use Epsom salts! Epsom salts can fertilize plants, bushes and grass naturally, so I don't mind salting my circles on the grass. Indoors, I can use smudging herbs or sweeping with my broom to create my circle. We all find ways to make it work!

Laurie 'Silver-Bear'
Laurie 'Silver-Bear'
Oct 14, 2021
Replying to

Oooo good idea with Epsom salt!

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