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Ancestral Lineage Repair - Tonight 7PM


Ancestral Lineage Repair is a gentle framework developed by Daniel Foor of the Ancestral Medicine Organization for facilitating the healing of our ancestors of blood and bone. This ritual process, also referred to as Ancestral Lineage Repair, creates vibrant and viable relationships with the wise ones who have gone before us. But how do we engage with ancestors we never knew from hundreds/thousands of years ago?

Join Jen Hudziec as she discusses the framework, technologies, and benefits of engaging in Ancestral Lineage Repair. This Zoom discussion is free and open to the public.

Hi there,

You are invited to a Zoom meeting.

When: Mar 23, 2021 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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About Jen Hudziec

I am a ritualist, ancestral lineage repair practitioner, animist, fire walk instructor, body worker, polarity energy therapist, and educator. I have spent the past 25 years exploring and practicing a diverse mosaic of ritual arts. Raised Roman Catholic, I departed organized religion when I was 18 bitter and disillusioned. Left with a deep sense of loss, I realized that the lack of regular ritual the church had provided me was the core of this loss. Thus began my journey into ritual practices that invited creativity, relationality, connection, and community.


I am the daughter of Linda and Ernest, granddaughter to Hedwig, Rudolph, Geraldine, and Raymond.  I am first generation American and reside on traditional Abanaki land in New Hampshire (US). Both sets of my Grandparents immigrated to the US; one set from Nova Scotia, Canada and the other from Poland after being interned during WW2. My heritage is Slavic, Baltic, Germanic, Norse, and Russian. I am dedicated to carrying forward the traditions of my heritage while reviving Pre-Christain European Indigenous Knowledge as a cornerstone of my spiritual practice and ritual offerings. The cosmology and folk medicine I practice is informed by the disrupted lines to my animistic/folk magic ancestry which resides with the Celts, Polish Whisperers, Ukrainian Molfars, and the Carpatho-Rusyn people of the Carpathian Mountains.


I am indebted to the teachings of Elder Malidoma Somé on behalf of the West African Dagara people for leading me back to my ancestors and to initiated Elders Ann Sousa and Holly Brown for anchoring years of Dagara ritual work. I am an initiated Dagara Diviner with Beyi name, and am grateful for Dagara ancestralizations, elemental rites of passage, grief work, and the connection to Wedeme (keepers of the wild). The spirit of the Dagara lives deeply in my bones and I extend respect, credit, and gratitude whenever referencing what I am fortunate to pass on. In addition, my work has been deeply impacted by Dr. Daniel Foor of Ancestral Medicine, and ALisa Starweather of the Priestess Path Women’s Mystery School.


* Foundational learning around establishing non-dogmatic spiritual practice, cultivating safe relationships with helping spirits/spirit guides, creating altars and ritual arts development.

* Support reviving lost cultural traditions and practices through ancestral folk medicine, land tending, cooking, and traditional crafts.

* Integrating different cultural practices with a sensitivity to appropriation and harmful impact.

I welcome non-binary, LGBTQ, and BIPOC clients. I strive to impact systemic racism with dedicated white supremacy deconstruction and regular reparations that support the advancement of Women of Color and under-served communities. I offer a limited number of low income sessions by request via my Contact page.

Education & Training

  • Ancestral Lineage Repair Work - Current

  • Sundoor Certified Fire Walk Instructor 2015

  • Dagara (West Africa) Diviners Intensive 2014

  • Certified Polarity Energy Medicine Therapist 2017

  • Anatomy of the Quantum Healer Certified 2016

  • Q'ero Karpay rites with Don Francisco and Dona Juana 2014

  • Womens Shamanic Apprenticeship 2013

  • Soulful Life Coaching Certification 2013

  • Priestess Path Women's Mystery School 2 year intensive 2012

  • Seattle Midwifery School Doula Training 2002

  • Licensed Massage Practitioner Seattle, WA 2000

  • Reiki I and II with Christopher Penczak 1996

  • Wicca study 1995-1998

  • Bachelor of Science Exercise Physiology 1997


To my parents for the immeasurable hard work they put into raising me with all the opportunity they could muster…..

To my partner and children for ALWAYS supporting my calling and never shaming for all the time I’ve spent away from them following that calling…..

To all of my teachers/mentors/elders that have generously shared their wisdom and never wavered in their belief in me…..

To my beautiful friends (past and present) who challenged me, inspired me, and put up with me…

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10 opmerkingen

Had this meeting been taped? If so, it might be a good thing for latecomers like myself to check out.

Laurie 'Silver-Bear'
Laurie 'Silver-Bear'
24 apr. 2021
Reageren op

We did not record it to protect the privacy of those who attended.


24 mrt. 2021

This was awesome! Thanks so much to you both! I am so glad I was able to participate.

Laurie 'Silver-Bear'
Laurie 'Silver-Bear'
24 mrt. 2021
Reageren op

Thank you for participating! I loved it and hope to be able to offer more!




Thanks will you be doing another one to accommodate the west coast? Even an hour later would work for me .


Will this be available for replay? I will be at work at this time.

Reageren op

That would be wonderful! I missed the original one. :(

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