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A Sudden Loss

This isn’t exactly a spell I was looking to do…nor in my wildest dreams ever thought I’d have to search and piece together something for such an occasion.

My friend’s granddaughter has passed away, a wee baby, just 6 months old. There are no words that can take away their pain right now.

I did ask his permission to do this spell, he jumped on it and said they needed ALL the healing vibes they could get.

Her name was Lizzie.

What you need:

• Sage: Used for cleansing and purification. Aids in alleviating grief and sorrow.

• Lavender: Promotes sleep and convalescence. Invokes peace and helps battle depression.

• Rose: Promotes love energy.

• Hibiscus: Promotes peace and tranquility.

• Burdock Root: Helps to ward off negativity, cleansing and protection work.

• Rose Quartz: Aids in the processing of grief and anger. Eases pain through detoxification.

Protects against nightmares, which is common after loss.

• Amethyst: Alleviates sadness and grief.

• Smoke Quartz: Disperses fear, lifts depression and negativity. Brings emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety.

• Clear Quartz: Amplifies the energy of the spell. Protects against negativity and relieves pain.

• White candle – I crushed the herbs and rolled them on my candle; anointed the candle with blessings oil.

• Fireproof dish

What to do:

• Gather all your ingredients.

• Cast your circle. Call on your deities or elementals for aid. (optional)

• Ground yourself. This is very important when doing energy work of this nature.

• Place your anointed candle in the center of your dish.

• Light it & image the glow of a healing white light being sent to the recipients.

• Place all your crystals around the candle…I had no particular placement for them. I just placed them as I felt guided too.

• Then add your herbs one by one, thinking about the magical properties they hold, and send that energy out to the recipients. Be mindful and thank the plant spirits for their guidance.

• Sit and emanate healing out into the universe.

Repeat, “Earth below and sky above. Fill the dark of night with love.

In this time of darkness, please bring this family back to light.

Ease the sorrow and the burden, during these distressing nights.

Keep with them the beautiful memories of this sweet child.

Goddess, please alleviate their pain, even if for just a little while.

Gone from body, but never from heart, her memory the keepsake, with which you’ll never part.

Magic mend, and candle burn. Send healing love to them in return.

So, it is said, so shall it be.”

Sit quietly. Feel the healing being sent. Feel the peace that you want to encase the recipients in.

Make sure you are grounded physically. When ready, cut the energetic cord. Thank your guides. Thank the crystals and thank the plant spirits.

Release all that guided you.

Cleanse yourself and your space with Florida water or sage.

You are more than welcomed to use this spell -- I just hope that you never have to.

Spell work

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Lindsay Finnegan
Lindsay Finnegan
Apr 26, 2021

May I ask if you let the candle burn all the way down? If not, what do you do with it once you’re done with the spell? And all of the herbs too?

Laurie 'Silver-Bear'
Laurie 'Silver-Bear'
Apr 26, 2021
Replying to

You are welcome! <3


I wish I had something this set and definite to help when I lost my grandpa. I did similar, but just reading this, made me feel more calm then what I had done then.

Laurie 'Silver-Bear'
Laurie 'Silver-Bear'
Apr 26, 2021
Replying to

You could always re-do it in honor of him. <3

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