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The Morning Miracle

  • 21Days
  • 42Steps
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The Miracle Morning is a six-step routine based on the habit stacking concept. Habit stacking is when you choose several habits to practice and arrange them in a sequence. The sequence eventually becomes its own new habit. Warning - this challenge involves getting up 1 hour EARLIER than you normally do. (insert groan here) It's called a CHALLENGE for a reason. 😉 The average time it takes for a new habit to stick is 66 days of consecutive action. This challenge will be set up for 21 days to make it NOT seem so overwhelming, but please make a mental note once you are done with the 21 days you should continue on with the routine you've been establishing. 😑And don't tell me you're busy! You are waking up 1 hour before you normally do so there are no excuses. 😆 Good luck! 🤗

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